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Orders set sail on the 15th of every month. Enlist before the 7th, and your treasure will ship out on the 15th of that very month. Miss the 7th? No worries, your loot will journey to you on the 14th of the following month. Once your prized Obee-s Box embarks, expect a 3-5 business day voyage for delivery. 

The journey begins with Box 1, dedicated to the Scalp, and gracefully concludes with Box 6, a treat for your feet. And as the cycle completes, the voyage restarts anew.  


You can only cancel after your subscription is up.

Your account will be charged for the first box on the day you join. Your account will be charged every month on that date afterwards.

For special occasion boxes, your credit card will be initially charged for the order when you place an order.

At this time, we cannot change the billing date. Your billing date will be every 30 days after you sign up.

All monthly subscriptions automatically renew every month on the date you joined if your billing information is valid, and you haven’t canceled. Depending on which monthly subscription you have joined, you will receive a new box every month with no need to reorder

Regrettably, that option is not available. To begin, you must subscribe and embark on the wellness journey with the designated body zone of the month.  


Generally, you’ll find five to seven products in each box. However, keep an eye out for our special occasion gift boxes, which are packed with a delightful eight to ten products. 


Expect nothing but top-tier quality – a mix of both vegan and non-vegan products/tools. We’re all about the best for you! ️ #TopNotchIngredients

No sweat! We’re here to make it right. Drop us a line at info@obeesbox.com, and we’ll swiftly replace any broken or defective items – no cost to you. For those MIA items, fret not. We’ll include them in your next subscription box shipment. Do keep in mind, though, that we’re unable to replace products or boxes that shipped over 30 days from your contact. So, let us know ASAP, and we’ll handle the rest! ️