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Care, Appreciate, Unwind and Grow (CAUG) – Velveteen Plush Blanket


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Wrap yourself in the essence of self-care with this unique blanket, a velveteen treasure symbolizing the CAUG philosophy: Care, Appreciate, Unwind, Grow. This luxurious blanket is not just a layer of warmth; it’s an invitation to embrace the journey of self-nurture, to celebrate your individuality, to relax deeply, and to evolve continuously. Crafted for those who seek comfort and growth in equal measure, its plush texture offers an unparalleled softness, making every moment of rest a step towards personal development. Personalize this sanctuary of softness with a unique one-sided print, or gift it as a reminder of resilience and growth. Available in three sizes: 30×40″, 50×60″, 60×80″, the “Courage” blanket ensures a perfect embrace for any moment of reflection or relaxation. Please note, in the spirit of embracing our true selves, your blanket may arrive snugly up to 3″ shorter than anticipated, a gentle nudge to care, appreciate, unwind, and grow into your best self.

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